Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Introduction & 2015 Preview

Since joining the ACM on July 14th, I have had the privilege to travel to all 14 campuses and visit with various technology staff, faculty members, and administrators. My role as the ACM’s Liaison for Technology in Teaching and Learning is to mitigate the isolation that accompanies the day-to-day work of running a campus, teaching a class, or supporting students and faculty in the use of technology.

I have already witnessed in my visits to each campus innovative learning space designs, the incorporation of technology to engage students, and a tremendous desire to grow and collaborate with other ACM schools. I am very excited about the role of the ACM in helping to continue the discussion of technology in teaching and learning among the member colleges.    

Beginning in January, you will see new content and communications from the ACM surrounding technology in teaching and learning, many of which have come directly from campus visits and conversations.  A few of these include:

  • Teaching and Learning Blog - This blog will be used to highlight the many innovations that are currently happening throughout the ACM, from innovative course and learning space design to teaching tools for engagement.
  • Quarterly Campus Visits - I will be making my rounds to each campus every quarter to personally connect with technologists, administrators, and faculty to keep the conversation going surrounding technology in teaching and learning.
  • Increased Use of Social Media - You will be able to find me on this blog, the ACM directory, and even on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. 
  • Focused Listservs - The ACM will be creating two new listservs that allow for easier communication and collaboration between technologists and the various Centers for Teaching and Learning on member campuses.  
  • Faculty Career Enhancement Grants - I will be involved in assisting teams submitting and implementing proposals for the current and future funding cycles of FaCE.    
  • Collaborative Google Site for Teaching and Learning - This space will include a repository for issues related to teaching and learning such as effective tools, innovative projects, links to articles, and a discussion space for faculty, technologists, and librarians to come together for deep and meaningful conversations.
  • Webinars, Workshops, Etc. - Throughout the year consortial members will come together to discuss current trends, collaborate on innovative projects, and share knowledge about the role of technology in teaching and learning.

The engagement and personal attention one receives in the small Liberal Arts environment provides an exceptional lens to view technology as a partner in teaching and learning.  We are enthusiastic about the New Year and look forward to expanding the role of ACM in helping to continue the discussion of technology in teaching and leaning.  Until January, Happy Holidays!!

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