Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Innovation Throughout the ACM - Part Three

Update: Information concerning Lake Forest's Brown Technology Resource Center was accidentally omitted in the original post.  This has been corrected below.  I apologize for any inconvenience.

In our latest installment looking at innovation across the ACM, we will focus on Monmouth and Lake Forest.  As with my earlier posts, I want to thank the instructional technology teams and others at each ACM member institution for contributing photos and text.  Individual credit is given at the bottom of the post.


Monmouth has a large classroom in their newest building which is devoted to business and sciences.  Along with a dedicated PC, document camera, and lectern, they have one short-throw projector that acts as a Smart board with Epson digital ink software, and projects onto a glare free white dry-erase board.  There is a second much larger screen and projector that mimics the other one.  They are using the Lifesize videoconferencing system  that provides lecture capture.  A bridge can be engaged that will allow for as many as 5 parties to join simultaneously.  The room also includes six speakers, two built-in cameras (one facing the front of the room and one facing the audience), and three hanging microphones.  They plan to do a shared classroom with a Scottish college soon.  A few pictures of the space are below:

Also at Monmouth, courses called Triads combine faculty from the Sciences, Humanities, and Business to study one topic.  This interdisciplinary approach allows for students to examine a single topic from multiple perspectives in the hopes of providing a practical answer to the applicability of their education to the real world.  In addition,  Monmouth is also using a custom designed tutoring software to assist students with writing and help to collect data for faculty to be able to provide early interventions where necessary.  This includes student tutor reports, and aggregated data surrounding the reasons for visits.

Lake Forest

At Lake Forest, students in Theatre 225: Acting for the Camera use an interactive studio, complete with  green screen technology to create film projects that are used for "in-depth critiques of self and peer performances."  Other components of the course include "viewing and analysis of modern and contemporary film works from the early twentieth century to the present by noted authors and filmmakers. Acting projects center on the performance of scenes, monologues, voice-overs, and commercials."  Below are some pictures of students using this space:

Also at Lake Forest, the Brown Technology Resource Center allows faculty, students, and staff to work with a variety of software tools, hardware, and seek assistance concerning using technology.  The center is overseen by an Academic Technologist and has 10 student workers with specific expertise.  There are Mac workstations that can be booted in either Mac OS or Windows environments.  The center also makes netbooks, camcorders, and digital cameras available for loan on a first come first serve basis. 

Monmouth - Bridget Draxler, Chris Buban, and Marcie Beintema 
Lake Forest - Jim Cubit and David Levinson

Stay tuned for more stories of innovation across the ACM...

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