Thursday, March 12, 2015

Innovation Throughout the ACM - Part Four

As we continue our journey through the ACM looking for innovation, we will focus this week on Ripon and Grinnell.  As with my earlier posts, I want to thank the instructional technology teams, faculty, and others at each ACM member institution for contributing photos and text.  Individual credit is given at the bottom of the post.


In Math 224 at Ripon, students are challenged with using Linear Algebra equations and a software package called Maple to design animations.  Not only does Professor Andrea Young use references to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the assignment, but she also stresses the usefulness of this process in various animated feature films throughout the years.  Students are tasked with not only creating animated GIF's that illustrate their work, but also writing a short paper explaining the results.  The end result is completely up to students as long as they "create an interesting animation."  As you can see from the pictures below, the interpretation of this statement varies greatly:

Ripon will also be offering a non credit online course is world religions to alumni by Professor Brian Smith.  The course will run for five weeks this summer and culminate with a face to face session during alumni weekend.  It involves a combination of 20 minute recorded lectures introducing each religion, other short videos from YouTube, and short readings posted through Canvas.  Group discussions with both instructor and student comments, as well as Google Hangouts will also be used to facilitate learning and engagement. 


Building on such projects as Digital Grinnell, the college has recently been awarded a grant in partnership with the University of Iowa for $1.6 million from the Andrew Mellon Foundation.  Digital Bridges for Humanistic Inquiry will fund curricular projects and encourage the creation of new teams of faculty, staff, and technologists to explore digital humanities an the use of digital resources in the classroom.   In addition to faculty and staff collaboration, students pursuing a certificate in Digital Public Humanities at the University of Iowa will also have access to Grinnell faculty through the grant.

Also at Grinnell, they are hiring both to support the Digital Bridges for Humanistic Inquiry grant and to staff their Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.  They currently have open positions for the following: Instructional TechnologistDigital Liberal Arts Specialist, and Associate Director of Academic Technology.  

Ripon - Andrea Young and Brian Smith 
Grinnell - Michael Conner

Stay tuned for more stories of innovation across the ACM...

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