Friday, June 19, 2015

Sharing New Ideas

As I approach one year at the Associated Colleges of the Midwest, I can't help but be inspired by the diversity and commitment to learning on member campuses.  While I am perfectly happy to share their stories of technological and pedagogical innovation, faculty development, and student engagement, sometimes it is much better to hear it from those who are involved in the actual projects.

This being said, I will continue to highlight various projects and proposals surrounding technology in teaching and learning, especially with the ramp up and second round of the Faculty and Career Enhancement (FaCE) grant supported by the Andrew Mellon Foundation.  This grant has already supported nine projects since the fall of 2014.  However, it is also important to facilitate even broader communication between ACM member campuses and the higher education community at large.

A way to facilitate this open dialogue is to invite faculty, technologists, librarians, and IT professionals  throughout the ACM to contribute as guest authors to this blog.  This will be a great way to allow those who are involved in projects on each campus and broader collaborations to share information.  I hope this will in turn spark lively discussion and lead to more people wanting to engage on these important issues.

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